A Day Off to Fish

Even the best fishermen don’t always catch fish, at least not a fish of note that your willing to hold proudly in front of your mug for a gratuitous camera pose. But if you can not just treasure a day on the water with good friends, family or all by your lonesome sans fish maybe it’s time to dust off those golf clubs.

As a charter captain I have spent many many days not catching a single fish. Wether it is just burning around on a troller trying to spook out fish to give away their hidey holes for a later date, or spending the day on the platform pushing a client around hoping that your hard work allows your client to reap the reward of the fish of a lifetime.

When you get that day on the water with no pressures, just paddle and take it all in. Pay attention to your surroundings, every last minute detail. Not only will it take your mind off the fact that the fishing may not be the greatest, it may just show you the signs of where the fish are. Watch that incredible, majestic Egret stalking its prey down a bank. Look at his deliberate, slow, calculated movements. Whoa did you see that! He caught a fish, and I very seriously doubt he ever goes home after a day on the water and tells his buddy ” must be the…..” Insert non catching excuse here.

So you’ve taken it in, you’ve watched a school of mullet swim down a bank and scatter on multiple occasions only to have your offering refused again and again. Get creative, take a risk. Grab that lure you just knew would work when you bought it but never took the time to tie on. If they ain’t biting there is no better time to experiment. You never know, that’s the beauty of it. For years we would all sit around and laugh when some manufacture would throw their version of electric chicken into a captains bag, then immediately file it away when you got home. Well someone said to hell with it eventually and threw that pink and green plastic on a jig head and tossed it in. Well low and behold the damn thing caught fish and now it’s peg is empty in most tackle shops.

Not catching is not a bad thing, not fishing is!

Capt Sean Abbey
Overboard Fishing Rods, LLC
Native Angler Guide Service
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