Practice Makes Perfect

So you want to not only catch that bucket list fish but you wanna do it on fly. Better get out there and practice. In my opinion presentation is the most important part of fly fishing. Not the fly, your reel or your rod, or your buff and clothing choice.

Have you really looked at most flies? Do you really think that ball of fuzz or hair tied to a hook shank is what made the fish say “oh, I gotta have that?” The right fly is essential but quite a few can be the right fly in many situations.

You can have the baddest ass reel, milled from a single piece of bar stock aluminum with the sexiest engineering out there. Guess what? Fish didn’t even see that reel. Now your rod is extremely important to presentation but if it took a $1000 rod to get a fish to bite, there would be a heck of a lot less fish caught on fly.

Buffs are awesome and they serve a necessary need, as does having all the upf this and that clothing one can stand, but it doesn’t mean squat to catching a fish. Go with light colors on bright, bluebird sky days, grey and darker colors on overcast days and camouflage if your stalking streams.

Simple enough but none of the above will hook a fish as often as a fly caster that can put the fly just right there, yeah that’s the spot. Even the most professional casters spend time in some grass fields practicing. Besides nothing is funnier than the gut busting ” how’s the fishing?” From the park smo walking the 1/16 mile lap around before going home to pop a squat on the couch.

You have to get out there and give yourself goals and targets. It’s frustrating to finally get that day on the water where the moons align for fly fishing that school of reds you’ve been peeping at low tide only to line the school on your first shot. I like to push it when I practice. I tell people to start with hoola hoops and size down as you get consistent in fly placement. I use upside down frisbees placed all over at different ranges and angles and play out the scenario, don’t just go through the motions. It’s hard to drop a fly into a frisbee, but the more consistent you can get at it the more bites you are going to get, regardless of the fly, rod, reel or your brand new ice camo buff.

Capt Sean Abbey
Overboard Fishing Rods, LLC
Native Angler Guide Service


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