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Offshore from a kayak?

Yep it can be done and it can be done quite successfully. Overboard pro staffers Eric Kaiser and Barrett Fine are proof that it can be an incredibly productive way to fish. They regularly catch tons of offshore species, snapper, grouper, kingfish, Bonita, sharks and Barrett has even caught a sailfish from his Hobie pro angler.

Both Barrett and Eric have put great numbers of snapper and grouper in the boat this year with their Overboard, Soul Pole Series, spiral wrapped bottom rods. These rods make cranking up big bottom fish a dream by minimizing the torque you get from your typical conventional set up bottom rod. Eric, being a bit on the crazy side, will also put his Overboard Bobber Series floating rods through there paces by using his light weight inshore models!

They have setups that you will see in much bigger boats from electronics on. The big boats though are green with envy at the ease in which the Hobie pro angler can just hover over bottom structure without the need of getting on the hook.

Kayaks evolve more and more every year with the passion of the anglers in this sport. So get out there and try something new, but try it responsibly.

Capt Sean Abbey


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