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Damn it’s HOTTTTTT!

Man it’s that time of year. You need to be on the water before sunup, at sundown or at night to enjoy yourself fishing. With heat indexes everyday for the last week in the triple digits, you are a real gluten for punishment if you do any midday fishing. Plus the fishing is always slower during the heat of the day.


If you must go midday find areas of shade and cooler waters. It seems crazy but all you need is a few degrees temperature change and it creates a world of difference. I like to fish under deep water dock ends, skipping deep into the shade, or even a good tree lined creek can make the difference. It doesn’t change the fact though that it is hot as can be. When you are sweating profusely and you have only just taken the boat off the trailer it’s going to be a long hot day.

I really like to fish the early evenings after our afternoon Florida thunderstorm has rolled through. All is right with the world for both angler and fish at this time. If there is a such thing as a happy place in the middle of August in Florida it is at this time. Sometimes it gets hot and just nasty on shore after a rain but that is due to the asphalt jungle we all live in anymore, steaming up our world like the hot rocks of a sauna. On the water though the temp drops a few welcomed degrees, for both angler and fish alike. It is also that quintessentially overplayed, so here it goes again, “calm after the storm.” Nothing quite like a big trout or maybe a tarpon blowing up on a top water or inhaling a fly in the after storm grey sky background. It really wakes you up to see a hole open up from the sometimes vicious eat of a tarpon on the waters slick after rain surface.

The night time bite has probably produced, pound for pound, the most memorable bites of my life. Four of my top ten experiences on the water have come at night. Couple the chance for an insane bite with your bodies heightened sensory perception, due to your lack of good vision, and you will find yourself falling in love with night fishing. I highly recommend that every fisher person spend some time foregoing a little sleep and getting on the water. It is way better than all those lost nights of being in a drunken stupor till the wee hours of the next morning i had as young whipper snapper, and a heck of a lot painful of a hangover.

Morning on the other hand, compared to the long hours of cool night fishing,is typically a quick trip. Here in the good ole sunshine state it will be mid nineties by mid morning and the fish tend to shut down. It can though be a great time to fish, especially if you have the right spots. My knees tremble just thinking of that little pod of tarpon rolling in the light of the suns first rays as you wait for them to get close enough to drop a fly in their path. With a little luck, maybe just maybe the fish gods will smile on you with a hook up. After that though you better be praying to a higher power if you actually plan on touching said tarpon and getting that extreme ego boosting tarpon photo op.

Just because its a scorcher don’t park your ass in the ac. Get out and do something…. A little hint too….if you actually get out in it every now and again you can get used to it.

Capt Sean Abbey
Native Angler Guide Service
Overboard Fishing Rods, LLC

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Well surprise, surprise, my wife surprised me with a dream trip for my 40th birthday……BELIZE! Not only is she an incredible mother, wife, and friend, but she apparently is also great at keeping stuff hidden from me.

We left Jacksonville at 4 am and headed to Belize city after a short layover in Atlanta. From Belize City we had to take a puddle hopper over to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. This flight was almost the deal breaker when Sally booked this trip, as she hates little planes. She was good though because the view was incredible on the short fifteen minute flight with nothing but blue water everywhere.

When we disembarked the plane in San Pedro a representative from El Pescador was waiting on us to shuttle us by boat to the resort. El Pescador is incredible, the staff is on point. We boarded the boat, which had ice cold Belizean beers waiting on us and took off on the 20 minute ride to the dock of the resort. There really are no roads on Ambergris Caye so all shuttling is by boat or you can rent golf carts and ride in the power line right of ways. You can also ride bikes on the beach into town or various dive bars.

When we arrived at the docks of El Pescador the fishing director and staff were there to great us and get us settled in. The resort is older but beautifully nestled into its little beach front home, and is as cozy as it gets. They have a small building that has hotel style rooms which are very comfortable for two, and then they have villas which are perfect for larger parties and families.

The food here is incredible with breakfast served from 5am till 10 am everyday with lots of stuff to choose from and the best breakfast burrito ever. It is a handmade fresh to order flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, full fat real cheddar cheese, and some of the best thick cut bacon even this old southern boy has ever had. Lunch is served from noon till 1:30 and is chock full of great fare. Get the fried chicken! Dinner is one of my favorite parts of this resort. It is family style with everyone eating around large tables outside under the stars right on the beach. Dinner is different every evening and is to die for and always includes an incredible dessert. It is fun to meet people from all over and talk fishing and shop.

We fished with a guide, Raton, for two days and ventured on our own one day in a tandem kayak in the back lagoons. We went out on the kayak first and it was an incredible adventure. It looks like you are enclosed in a mangrove Forrest from the little dock on the backside of the property until you paddle through this 36 inch wide canal for a few minutes and come out in paradise.



We saw a ton of bonefish on our paddle as well as lots of other marine life. Didn’t catch any as I was just happy to be here in this incredible place and never really gave catching the fish much effort. Had an incredible time just paddling around and taking it all in with Sally.

El Pescador has the best guides in Belize hands down. They have been doing this their whole lives and some are second and third generation. The resort does a great job putting you with a guide that fits what you want to do, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. Our guide, Raton, was no exception. Raton had us on fish right away and kept us on fish regardless of the conditions.



Literally lost count on this trip of the bonefish seen, caught and just missed shots. Sally even got a bonefish and she doesn’t care much to fish. She did read three books though on this trip, and the adirondack chairs on the panga made for an extremely comfy reading station. Highlight of her trip was not only seeing but walking around on Leonardo Dicaprio’s island, Blackador.

We didn’t get to chase tarpon as the conditions weren’t really great for sight fishing the deeper flats and I can blind cast flies at tarpon here at home. I can’t however sight cast bonefish here in Jacksonville, Florida so I was more than happy bolstering my all time bonefish on fly count.

I could go on and on about this trip from beginning to end but with my typing wpm, it would take forever. I would just like to finish by saying if you even think you want to go, GO!

Thank you to the greatest wife and friend in the world. It is extremely cliche to say you make my life complete, but when you are my wife, mother of my children, best friend and you fulfill all my bucket list dreams you literally do make me complete.


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