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Fishing is Hot! Weather is Not!

Weather permitting, the fishing has been fantastic here in Northeast Florida. “Weather Permitting” being the key words. For the last month the weather has been downright miserable; rain, excessive winds, cold, or a combination of all three. If you get a window to fish it is never much more than 36 hours and sometimes far less.

When the fishing is doable though it has been fantastic. I have been on as consistant a trout bite as you can get anywhere. They haven’t been big but they are consistantly 16 – 19 inches with a few bigger and a few smaller thrown in. These trout are all extremely healthy too, with most being fatter than their brethen from other areas.

The redfish bite is nothing short of stellar with multiple trips recently catching 8 to 10 redfish all in the upper slot range and some over. The reds though know about as much of what is going on with the weather as the local weathermen so they don’t react well sometimes to the consistent changes.

There are your typical late winter early spring runs of fish happening all over also. With Blackdrum, big ones to 90 pounds, cruising our area waters ready to be had, especially around full and new moons. You need a stout Overboard rod and the patience to jig a quartered crab slowly with the current in your yak and they will come. Also around are sheepshead, and all the 1-3 pound bluefish anyone could ever want to catch.

We have also had an incredible triple tail bite this year. For those of you that don’t know, triple tail are top 5 eating fish in the sea if not the best. they will be followed very shortly by the Cobia, thick center cut porkchops of the sea, moving in closer to the shore for our residents coupled with the migration north from the transients.

With tarpon not far behind and redfish getting more and more agressive with each rising degree of water temp. The weather may be sucking but the fishing is hot and only gonna get better in the next two months.To book a trip give us a shoot at or phone at 904-556-0049, and go check out our facebook pages and webpages at

Capt Sean Abbey
Native Angler Guide Service
Overboard Fishing Rods, LLC

Max Piet of Knoxville, TN with a nice trout in some fairly rough waters.


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What to do when the wind has been honking for days and its either pouring rain or frigid?

Need your fishing fix and you just can’t justify going out in miserable weather, there is plenty to do that will curb that itch and make you better for it when the weather clears.

Turn on some of those dvr’d fishing shows and try some of these:

Tackle maintenance: There is nothing you can do to have you more prepared to fish than readying your gear. Clean your reels and lube them, from deep cleaning to just a good surface hit, take care of your reels. Also a great time to get your tackle box back in order and organized, maybe even change out some treble hooks, or at the very least, give them a good once over with a sharpening file.

Tie some flies: Tying flies in miserable weather while watching the Spanish Fly or Flip Pallot or pretty much any fishing show is a right of passage for a fly fishermen. So stock up on those flies for the next trip and maybe tinker with a new one.

Catch up on your Journal: As I have gotten older I wished I would have kept better records of my fishing adventures. A fishermen’s journal is an incredible tool, especially to those of us that may not have the sharpest minds anymore 🙂

These are just some of the many things you can do and all will help you to be a more prepared fisher person. As Captain and working guide it is a must that I am prepared at all times. Nothing can ruin a trip more than a guide who is not prepared and readied for what the day may have in store.

Capt Sean Abbey
Overboard Fishing Rods, LLC.
Native Angler Guide Service

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Nighttime Redfishing in the Panhandle

Yes it is cold and dark, but the water is deep and the fish are everywhere. The place is Philip Dane Beall, Sr., Memorial Bridge, (AKA 3 mile bridge) spanning across Pensacola bay connecting Gulf Breeze to Pensacola. The old fishing bridge next to it was damaged by hurricanes and some of it fell into the water creating nice bottom structure for everything from Pinfish to sharks to hang.

If you are going to fish make sure you dress appropriately, as the wind has been known to pick up quite a bite during the night, and be ready to paddle or peddle as the current does flow quickly. During the winter months though is when the best fishing will be had. The white trout are so thick that within minutes of putting your kayak in the water you will have as many as you like for the redfish to feed on. As the night proceeds you will find that you can fish anyway you choose, whether bumping the bottom with a jig, sight casting with a top water lure or just relaxing and letting the fresh trout you just caught swim off the bottom. The big Red drums are for sure to give you the action you are looking for. You may even be in for a treat, and a chase, as they have been known to bite that little 1/8 ounce jig on lite tackle that you were using to catch the trout on. Then it’s all you can do to keep them out of the pilings and snapping your line.

Fishing the lights is the key as each one will hold its share of fish, as we found out on the 19th of January; over 30 were caught that night ranging from 24 to 42 inches. Don’t forget a friend; you will need someone to take a good pic of you holding that trophy Red drum and share in the experience of a lifetime.

Eric Kaiser
OFR Pro Staff



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Winter Redfishing with a Buggy Whip

Brrrrrr, it’s getting cold out there. It’s that time of the year, northeasters, grey skies and bone chilling cold. Guess it’s time for some of us to put up those fly rods till next spring’s flood tides, right? Heck no, are you crazy? We’re coming up on what is in my opinion the second best time of the year for fly fishing in northeast Florida. Yes it’s cold, and yes the fish are getting lethargic and not eating as much, but we do still get those glorious chamber of commerce, blue bird sky days that can put the fish into feeding mode. We also have the clearest water we ever get around these parts this time of year, thanks to that cold water killing off the blooms that add to the cloudiness of our already tannin waters.
Wintertime is a great time of year to take the fly rod with you on your next fishing trip when the conditions are right. You need a nice clear day with a low tide occurring mid-morning to early afternoon; this will help warm up those mudflats making the fish more active. The timing will also allow for better sight fishing in the shallows with the sun high overhead allowing optimal conditions for seeing those schools and small packs of cruising fish. You can usually find them on dark mudflats in areas that have either gone completely bone dry at low tide, or only hold mere inches of water. All it takes is a few degrees of temperature change to draw the reds to it as the tide rises.
When you find the schools of redfish you’ve hit pay dirt in a few ways, cause “Clark, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.” When you find that pod of fish they can now more than likely be patterned throughout the rest of winter. The fish will hang in the same places for most of the winter, saving you time searching when there is already a limited window of time and even fewer pristine weather opportunities to get in on this incredible cold weather fly rodding. You will want to keep your fish secrets to yourself though. Pick your fishing partners carefully, because the more pressure the fish get, the more likely they are to move on or get a severe case of lockjaw.
While the fish are going to be fickle, they will still eat. A well-placed fly is just the right sized snack for a slowed metabolism redfish’s small appetite this time of year. I suggest a 7wt or 6wt fly rod to make a more precise presentation. Don’t forget to also use a colder water fly line, especially if you have a tropical temp line on your reel already. Many fly patterns work and we all have our favorites. I like to use a small shrimp pattern in lighter neutral colors.
You can expect to see light crowds this time of year which is a blessing. The waterways will be especially bare on those really cold days. Don’t be afraid to break out your winter extreme wear and go enjoy your favorite creek to yourself when it’s really cold, because nobody else will be crazy enough to go. If the suns shinning, the fishing could be incredible, even on days the temp hovers around freezing for a high. Two winters ago I landed 7 redfish from 26-32 inches off the same shell bar, and all were caught on a 7wt buggy whip on a day the temps might have tickled 40 degrees. With all the advances in cold weather gear over the last 10 years, you can stay pleasantly warm even in the coldest conditions – – without being be bundled up like Ralphy’s brother, Randy.
So don’t pack up all your fly gear just yet. Wintertime is not the time to sit at your fly vise tying crab patterns and dreaming of tails waving in the grass. Winter is the time to get out and catch em up.

Capt. Sean Abbey
Capt Sean runs Native Angler Guide Service ( in Jacksonville, Fl and is Co- owner of Overboard Fishing Rods ( Native Angler runs charters out of kayaks and boats or a combination of both all over northeast Florida’s waterways.

Article from Coastal Angler Magazine

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Welcome to Overboard Fishing Rods Official Blog

Pro Staffer Eric Kaiser with a nice over slot panhandle redfish.


Welcome to Overboard Fishing Rods official blog. We will use this site to let you know what is going on with us at Overboard. From fishing trips to new retail locations. We will post up reports, photos, stories from all our pro staff and captains. Look for great articles and how to’s as well as photos and videos.

Check out our website and Facebook page.

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